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Sardinian Halloween, the origins of the festival of the dead in Sardinia!

Sardinia has its own way of remembering the dead.  more  

The best 5 places in Sardinia for Hiking & Trekking this Autumn

If you enjoy climbing and trekking and want to take a trip this autumn, Sardinia has fascinating trails and landscapes to explore  more  

Easter in Sardinia: History, Customs, and Traditions of the Island.

How does Sardinia Celebrate Easter? Here Are Some Sardinian Easter Traditions.   more  

Best beaches in Sardinia

The most beautiful white beaches in south-western Sardinia that must be seen  more  

Christmas Traditions In Sardinia

How Sardinia Celebrate Christmas? Here Are Some Lovely Sardinian Christmas Traditions.  more  

What are the traditional drinks in Sardinia? Here the most popular ones

What to drink when in Sardinia? Here the 4 best drinks you should try while in Sardinia  more  

What to bring home from Sardinia. The top 6 best souvenirs from Sardinia.

What holiday souvenirs can you buy to take some of the magical atmosphere of Sardinia home with you? In this article, you will find the must-have souvenirs.  more  

Why visit Sardinia in September and October? Here 5 reasons

Off-season holidays in Sardinia: 5 reasons why you’d love to visit Sardinia in autumn.  more  

Holidays in Sardinia; let's learn a bit more about the southwest.

The southwest of Sardinia is less known as a tourist destination for holidays in Sardinia and Sulcis-Iglesiente is described as wild, here are the reasons why.   more  

North vs South, which is the most beautiful part of Sardinia?

Alghero VS Cagliari; sounds like a football derby right? North vs South, which is the most beautiful part of Sardinia?   more