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Walking holidays in Sardinia

You can take in the rugged and beautiful landscapes of Sardinia, on a pre-arranged trekking holiday around the southwest coast of Sardinia. At NxtStop Sardinia, we have a local experience and have collated a number of fantastic routes for you to enjoy your walking holiday in Sardinia. You can either choose your favourite from the suggestions below or choose your own route.

There is so much of Sardinia to explore, and you may find yourself coming back to the area time and time again, finding new secrets on each occasion.


A former mining town, Masua is practically a ghost town, with fascinating abandoned buildings, here you can visit one of the most significant examples of industrial archaeology, Porto Flavia. The hike that starts in Masua is called 'Mines in the Blue' because it follows the paths marked by the miners who worked in the mines of the area. This is the most beautiful and suggestive excursion of this coast, it offers a breathtaking view of the sea stacks called Pan di Zucchero and the geological site of Canal Grande, a site characterized by the oldest limestone in Italy (500 million years old). This walk is an incredible coastal trail that provides beautiful views of the azure blue seas of the Mediterranean. Depending on the routes you choose, the walking may be steep in places, but not treacherous, and is clearly marked with well-maintained paths.


The island and town of Sant'Antioco is joined to the south-western coast of Sardinia by an artificial isthmus dating back to Phoenician and Punic settlers and by a bridge. The town is the site of the 3000-year-old city of Sulci and includes a Roman fountain, mosaic pavements, and a Phoenician necropolis. There are many walks and trails around the island, which is about 5 miles across and 10 miles from top to bottom, making most parts of it accessible to competent hikers. Do not miss the hike in the area called Capo Sperone where you can enjoy the scenic and windswept coastline of the extreme Southwest of Sardinia. You can also drive to the town of Calasetta inhabited throughout the year by an active community of fishermen and vineyard owners. Near Calasetta you can find the natural pool in Punta Caragoli.


The Pantaleo Forest stretches for about 4200 hectares in the territories of Santadi and Nuxis, and is part of the Gutturu Mannu regional natural park. Here you can admire an extensive plant and animal heritage, as well as archaeological sites and traces of mining activity. In addition, Pantaleo is one of the habitats of the Sardinian deer and the Sardinian hare, which is at risk of extinction, to date there are only 200 specimens left. If you are looking for a walking holiday in Sardinia, rest assured, this is a true hiker's paradise, with picnic spots along the way, one of these is Figueras, where there is a spring that feeds a small river, and on its banks it is possible to admire the remains of ancient Roman baths. Ambitious walkers may wish to attempt Monte Tiriccu, which at 1104 metres, is comparable to Snowdon in difficulty.

Capo Spartivento

This area is characterised by beautiful beaches, a still-functioning lighthouse from the 1800s, and hidden coves. The best way to explore the area and walk through the Mediterranean maquis with a view of the sea is to park in one of the many lay-bys on the road and just set off on a trail towards the coast. Alternatively, you can begin your walk at the campsite at Chia Tower, and walk directly along the beaches, until they reach the paths bisecting the cliffs. In this way, you can travel all the way to Perda Longa, some 3 miles west along the coast.


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