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Our goal is to find the perfect vacation to meet your needs. You can email us at, and we will create a custom itinerary for you and include a price per person. The number of people required to confirm the tour is two people. If you want to confirm a tour, you must pay a deposit of 20% of the total cost of your vacation.
Once we receive your correct deposit, we will book your reservation and give you a confirmation invoice. The date on which we submit a confirmation invoice constitutes the start of the contract with us.
Your deposit will be recorded on the invoice, and it must be paid in full no later than 30 days before your departure date, or your reservation will be considered cancelled, and your deposits will be forfeited.
Special requests: special diet, room location, twin or double-bedded room, or a specific facility that is a significant factor for the enjoyment of your stay, should be made in writing at the time of booking. Your request will be forwarded to the suppliers however we cannot promise that it will be fulfilled.
If you book within 30 days of your departure date, you must pay the full cost of your vacation at the time of the booking.
You take financial responsibility for the booking's payment on behalf of all people included on the reservation.


The prices on the website are in British pounds. We reserve the right to adjust the price at any time prior to confirmation of your booking.

The method of payment is by bank transfer.

Italian Tourist tax= Local governments might impose tourist taxes. These must be charged locally and are subject to adjustment without notice. These costs are not included in the price of your vacation. We cannot be held liable for these expenses, which must be paid directly by you.

Changes to the price:

We reserve the right to adjust the price at any time if the change is a consequence of one of the following specific reasons:

Changes in taxes or fees on travel services imposed by third parties not involved in performance of the package, such as tourist taxes.
Exchange rates relevant to the package.
Increase in transport costs due to changes in fuel prices or other power sources.

We also allow for a price reduction if the same factors lead to cost reductions. We will notify you no less than 20 days before the start of the tour. If the surcharge is greater than 8% of your holiday price you have the option of requesting an alternative (if this is of a lower value you will be refunded the difference in price) or you have the right to cancel the tour (within 10 days of receiving surcharge notification), in which case we will refund in full all monies paid to us except any amendment charges.

Pricing errors:

Although every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of all details and prices given to you, mistakes can occur from time to time. If an incorrect price is given inadvertently, all bookings made based on that price will be void. You will be notified of the error as soon as possible, and you will have the option of paying the correct price for your travel plans or cancelling and receiving a full refund of any monies you may have already paid.

Amendments made by you:

If, after our confirmation invoice has been issued, you wish to make amendments to your booking, we will do our best to make these changes, but it may not always be possible. Requests to amend should be made as soon as possible. Requests must be in writing, signed by the person who signed the contract and made the initial payment.

You will be asked to pay an administration fee of £25 and any further cost we incur in making your alteration.

If you wish to change your arrangements whilst on your holiday, all costs are payable by you.

Cancellation made by you:

If a reservation is canceled, the termination fees mentioned below will apply. Cancellations must be made in writing, and the document must be signed by the individual who made the reservation. Cancellation payments are calculated based on the day we receive the written cancellation notice.

  • For cancellation from 28 to 21 days before the departure date, you will lose your deposit.
  • For cancellations from 20 to 15 days before the departure date, the penalty is 70% of the total price.
  • For cancellations from 14 to 10 days before the departure date, the penalty is 80% of the total price.
  • For cancellations from 9 days before departure date or made on the same day as the departure date or in case of no-show, the penalty is 100% of the total price.

We strongly advise you to purchase appropriate travel insurance.

If the reason for your cancellation is due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances at the place of destination or its immediate vicinity which significantly affects the performance of the package or the carriage of passengers to the destination, you may be entitled to cancel your reservation without paying cancellation fees. We will observe advice provided by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth and Development Office. (FCDO) For the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office including security and local laws, entry requirements plus passport and visa information, please consult the following link: Please be aware that this advice can change at any time so please ensure you consult this regularly up until the moment you travel.

Re-booking following a cancellation:

Should you wish to cancel a holiday and re-book an alternative date or tour; this will be subject to the cancellation terms within these booking conditions.

Transfer of booking:

As the minimum number of people for our tours is two people, if you or a member of your party is unable to travel, that person can transfer their place to another person under the following conditions:

We are notified not less than seven days before departure;
The transferee agrees to these booking conditions and all other terms of the contract between us.

Please note that once you have booked your own flight, airlines will not always allow you to change your name or departure information, and you will be charged an administration fee. Please review the terms and conditions of your preferred flight operator.

Amendments and cancellations made by us:

If a change or cancellation occurs because of circumstances beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, actual or threatened terrorist activity and its consequences, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, health risks, hurricanes, floods, closure or congestion of airports or ports, epidemic or pandemic illness and all similar situations we will have no liability to you. No compensation payments, expenses, or any other sums, including the costs of securing alternative accommodation will be paid by us.

If we change your tour:

We have the authority to make changes to any aspect of your reservation under the terms of your contract. If the change is insignificant, we will make certain that you are informed. Change in accommodation to another of the same or higher quality is an example of minor adjustments.

Any amendment or termination charges you incur because of other deals you have made with other providers under different contracts are not refundable.

If we are forced to make a significant change (an example is a substitution of accommodation to a lower grade than stated in our tour) to any of the key characteristics of the elements that make up your package due to circumstances beyond our control, you will have the following rights:

a. Accept the new arrangements;
b. buy another tour from us at the advertised current sale price (we will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value); or
c. cancel your reservation and receive a complete and final refund.

If you want to request a refund, we will compensate you as described below, unless the significant change is due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (for example adverse weather conditions), which means a condition beyond our control whose effects could not have been prevented even if all appropriate precautions were taken.

 Period before departure when a major change is notified

More than 56 days

55-29 days

28-7 days

Less than 7 days

Compensation payable per passenger 





If we cancel your tour:

We have the right to cancel your tour if the minimum number of participants is not reached (minimum participant is 2 people paying full adult price) or due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (as stated at the beginning of this paragraph), which means a condition beyond our control whose effects could not have been prevented even if all appropriate precautions were taken.

Changes made due to Covid-19:

We shall have no responsibility for any refunds, compensation, costs, expenses, or other losses of any kind incurred by you (including, where applicable, the cost of medical treatment) in the following circumstances:

If you or a member of your booking party tests positive for Covid-19 and is required to self-isolate for a period of time, or if you come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 (or to someone suspecting they may have Covid-19 or been in contact with someone who has tested positive) and require too self-isolate. If this happens within 14 days of your departure date, you must contact us as you may no longer be able to travel. We will offer you the following options where possible and subject to availability:

Postponing your tour to a later date. We will notify you of any impact on the price the postponement may have.
If not everyone on the booking is affected, you will have the right to transfer your booking to another person, subject always to the requirements of these Terms.

If you decide to cancel your tour, we will charge you our standard cancellation fees as of the date of your cancellation. These expenses may be reimbursable by your private travel insurance.

If you test positive for Covid-19 when you are on vacation, please inform us as soon as possible. We will provide whatever appropriate assistance we can. However, we will not be liable for any costs incurred because of your vacation being cut short, missed transportation plans, necessary extra accommodation, or other expenses. You should make sure you have travel insurance that covers these expenses.

We will not be liable for any costs incurred or money lost if:

You fail any compulsory tests imposed by the UK and Italian Government, airline, port or airport, border control authority.

You fail to apply for testing and assessment when required or you do not provide the right documentation when is required, and as a result you are denied entry to board the flight, entry to the destination, access to the services or you are otherwise unable to proceed with the holiday, or that portion of the holiday.

You should make sure you have travel insurance that covers these expenses.

Please also acknowledge that both you and the suppliers such as B&B, excursion providers etc. will need to comply with national and/or local guidance and requirements relating to Covid-19. These will likely include the use of facemasks, mandatory hand sanitisation, social distancing, maximum number restrictions on the use of certain facilities, designated alternative entrance and exit routes, limited entertainment options and limited food/drink availability.

Please note al the measures will be taken with the purpose of securing your safety and those around you.