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My name is Michela I am from Gonnesa, a small town in the southwest subregion of Sardinia called Sulcis-Iglesiente (check the dedicated blog article to know more about the area). I have been in love with travelling since I was a child when, during the summer months, with my family, we would travel to different regions of Italy, France, Switzerland, and Sardinia to learn more about the place we call home.

In my twenties, I started working for an important Italian Tour Operator. The job gave me the opportunity to work and travel to various countries such as Greece, Egypt, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, and of course my country; Italy.

After years of working abroad, in March 2006 I ended up in the UK. From here I have travelled a bit more in Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Estonia) and overseas (Cuba, New York, Cairo e South America), but the biggest trip was a solo backpacking journey across Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. It was an incredible amazing experience!!



Michela Tronci

During my time in UK I worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for Accor and Hilton Hotels, Planet Hollywood restaurant and for a major Tour Operator.

In the past 3 years, I had the opportunity to spend many months in Sardinia where I had the time to rediscover the beauty of my homeland thus, because of my work experience and expertise, I came up with the idea of starting a niche tour operator dedicated to the southwest of Sardinia that gives tourists the opportunity to customize their holiday according to their needs, tastes and preferences and thus NxtStop Sardinia was born.




Read The NxtStop Sardinia blog to learn more about Sardinia.

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