Spring In Sardinia

Spring in Sardinia: reasons to visit and things to do in Sardinia.

In spring, there is no better place to be! Aside from the beautiful weather, Sardinia has many other perks you don't want to miss!

Sardinia is one of the nicest islands in Italy to visit during the summer. It is well-known for its coastline and beautiful beaches, but more tourists are discovering Sardinia in the spring, from March to June when a rainbow of wildflowers floods the countryside and borders the white sand beaches, the sun's rays warm the ruins of a lost world where Nuraghi, fairy houses, and giants' tombs lie and the famous Mistral wind brings a thousand scents, stories, and distant songs of traditional festivals.

Why you should Visit Sardinia in spring?

Spring in Sardinia

You can have the beaches to yourself without worrying about the summer crowds and enjoy a quiet, relaxed atmosphere; moreover, Sardinian beaches in spring are something special thanks to the colorful wildflowers that grow in the dunes. If you visit the island in late April or early May, you may even be able to dip your feet in the water and get a nice tan without the fear of sunburn. In addition, the sunlight on spring days allows great photography!

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Spring in Sardinia

Without considering the sun, you can hike without succumbing to the heat; Sardinia is a region filled with hills and unique cliffs, making it a haven for hikers and climbers. Moreover, Sardinia is also rich in natural parks/protected areas that deserve some of your time, and spring is the best season to visit these places. During the summer months, hikes are recommended at sunset, when the heat is not too strong, while in spring you can walk from morning to sunset to fully enjoy Sardinian nature. One of the most famous hiking trails is the ‘Cammino di Santa Barbara' in the southwest part of Sardinia. 

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The price: Travel to Sardinia is a lot cheaper when it's not peak season. If you plan a spring vacation, you will find cheap flights, ferry tickets, and car rentals, therefore you may be able to book places that you would not be able to afford in the summer; you can visit numerous places at lower prices, and even have a cheaper meal.

The spring weather in Sardinia is warm but pleasant and comfortable, and the sky is almost always clear - except for some seasonal rain. Daytime temperatures are between 20-25°C/68-77°F, making it excellent weather for any activity: hiking and trekking, horse riding and bicycle tours, quad tours, and windsurfing or kitesurfing (check our Holiday Ideas session for more info about activities in Sardinia). Don't forget your jacket; at night, temperatures can dip to 9°C, with coastal parts being cooler than the island's interior and mountains. In general, the weather is pleasant at this time of year.

Spring In Sardinia

Sardinia in spring is perfect for food and wine tourism. You can immerse yourself in tastings of local delicacies, cured meats, and cheeses, explore the local vineyards to sample the famous Sardinian wines, enjoy aperitifs in the picturesque piazzas, or have a coffee overlooking the sea. 

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Spring In SardiniaSpring is the ideal time to take a city break in Cagliari or Alghero and visit the island's museums and archaeological sites such as menhirs, domus de janas (fairy or witch houses), nuraghi, sacred wells, tombs of the giants and discover the civilisation of the nuraghi (the ancient Sardinian people). If you like industrial archaeology, you must visit the mines in the southwestern part of Sardinia.

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In spring in Sardinia, you can admire the breathtaking landscapes and panoramas while walking quietly and enjoying nature at the most beautiful time of the year. You can get to know Sardinia's culture and traditions and you can take the time to learn about the long history of its civilisation.


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