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Top 5 instagrammable places in South Sardinia that you cannot miss.

Sardinia has an abundance of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities: there are so many interesting places to visit from north to south, east to west, from incredible and unique archaeological sites to coastal beauty, street art and breathtaking nature. Just look at NxtStop Sardinia's Instagram and Facebook pages to see some incredible photos of the island.

In order to shorten the list of locations to photograph in Sardinia, in this first article dedicated to Instagram, I've listed the top 5 Instagrammable South Sardinian places. Read on to discover where to shoot pictures to wow your loved ones and Instagram followers.



There are many great spots for capturing photos in Cagliari and walking through its narrow streets and getting lost in search of the perfect shot is the best way to explore the city. Here are some of the spots that you should not miss:

Bastione Saint Remy Cagliari

The Bastione Saint Remy is considered the symbol of Cagliari. It was constructed between 1899 and 1902 within the city's mediaeval walls and includes a gallery, a monumental staircase, and a panoramic terrace. The terrace will offer you numerous Instagrammable views of Cagliari's rooftops, the sea, and the hills in the distance. To get to the terrace, climb the majestic staircase in Piazza Costituzione, which is also a great place to let your photographic imagination run wild.

Other postcard-perfect spots in Cagliari are Piazza Palazzo, home to the Cathedral of Santa Maria, which with its splendid architecture is a must-see for any photographer and influencer. However, those who know Cagliari know that the most beautiful places are to be found walking through the streets, squares and stairways of the historic district of Castello. One of the most iconic streets is 'Via Stretta', the narrowest street in the city and therefore not accessible to cars. Thanks to this, residents take care of many pot plants, which grow luxuriantly, ready to make any shot for social media unforgettable.

Tips: book a walking tour of Cagliari with NxtStop Sardinia. Contact us!


Carloforte San Pietro Island SardiniaCarloforte is the only town on the island of San Pietro, you reach it by ferry and fall in love with it as soon as you see it. This town of Tabarkina origin (the inhabitants landed here from Tabarka, a Tunisian island where Genoese merchants had settled centuries earlier) is incredibly colourful and photogenic. Its pastel-coloured buildings, cobbled streets and stairways are a great Instagram-worthy photo opportunity. Of course, the city is fairytale-like, but don't miss the beautiful beaches that boast clear waters and white sands surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. There is so much to photograph that a simple snapshot may not be enough!

Tips: Do not miss Girotonno; the international event dedicated to the tuna fishery!


Porto Flavia Masua


Porto Flavia Masua SardiniaPorto Flavia harbour is an extraordinary industrial site located on the coast of Nebida in southwestern Sardinia. It was inaugurated in 1924 and was a real revolution: a modern system of tunnels to transport minerals from nearby mines directly to ships moored under the cliffs, reducing transport time and costs. Its unique architecture, combined with the beautiful blue waters, white cliffs perfect for climbing and the view of Europe's tallest sea stack, called Sugar Loaf, creates a picturesque and memorable scenery perfect for sharing on social media. Moreover, the historical significance of the harbour adds to the overall charm and makes for an interesting post, reel or story to share with your followers.

Tip: don't forget to reserve the visit on this site is fully booked every day.


Chia's beaches

Looking for wonderful Instagrammable beaches in Sardinia? In the bay of Chia there are seven beaches surrounded by uncontaminated nature with crystal-clear turquoise waters, soft fine white sand, shallow waters and dramatic rock formations that provide an amazing setting for your pictures. In this article, I will only highlight some starting from Su Su Giudeu Beach Chia SardiniaGiudeu beach which according to TripAdvisor is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It takes its name from the small island in front of it called Su Giudeu, which can be reached on foot when the tide is low. The inlet is protected from the mistral winds by large sand dunes and the pond just beyond the beach is home to the colourful local fauna, including the pink flamingo. This place is often used as a location for successful films and commercials so if you want to impress your followers, don't miss the opportunity to post pictures taken at this beach on your Instagram profile. If you are a scuba diver or simply a snorkeller looking for unique scenery to photograph and leave your followers speechless, don't miss the opportunity to photograph the underwater beauty of Cala Cipolla and Capo Spartivento, which is also a popular destination for shipwreck lovers.

Tips: The Tuerredda beach has access rules, for more information follow this link:

San Sparate 

San Sperate street art

If you want to get a lot of likes on Instagram, you can't miss photographing the street art of San Sperate. Here in 1968, Giuseppe Sciola created the first mural in Sardinia. The first of a long series that have made San Sperate a museum town. Also in San Sperate, you must visit the 'Giardino Sonoro' a place where stones play.


Tips: book a tour of San Sperate with NxtStop Sardinia, Contact us!


Whether you're an experienced Instagrammer or just looking to capture some great memories, South Sardinia has some stunning and Instagrammable locations, plus it's a great place to explore, so it's an ideal combination.

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