Historic and beautiful Cagliari is the capital and largest city of Sardinia.

Upon arrival in Cagliari, you are greeted by the elegant Via Roma with its fine palaces and arcades. This pedestrian boulevard has bars where locals meet for coffee, clothes and shoe stores, and local artisans' workshops. This street is one of the main arteries of central Cagliari and is adjacent to the port. The heart of Cagliari is divided in 4 districts that are commonly referred to as Historic Districts (of medieval origin). These are: Stampace, Castello (the old town), the Marina and Villanova, each of which is characterised by a mix of history, traditions, and culture and seems to rise up from the harbour, in an array of colours and styles.

For people looking for Cagliari holidays, the Historic Districts are certainly the place to begin.

The old town boasts many museums, old churches, and basilicas dating back to 500AD, with ancient architecture every way you turn! You may wish to admire the ornate paintings at the Catedrale di Santa Cecilia, or take a stroll around the Quartiere Villanova, with its narrow scenic streets, cosy churches, and intimate cafes. At the indoor San Benedetto market you can find almost any local food, from truffles and mushrooms, to vegetables, cheeses, fish and meat.

If you wish to learn more about Sardinian culture and history, you can visit one of the many museums in the city. The Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari is a great place to begin to find out about the ancient history, from Roman times and before then too, with artefacts dating back to 6000BC. For art aficionados, the Galleria Comunale D'Arte has many great pieces, and is completely free. There are so many art galleries dotted around the city, featuring both classical and modern art.

Cagliari has many beautiful public parks and gardens, and is one of the most spacious cities in Italy. With its mild Mediterranean climate, and sheltered, east-facing aspect, this allows almost any plant to be cultivated successfully. Almost every spare piece of space in the city has flowers or plants overhanging from the balconies and on every street corner. The Old public gardens feature beautiful violet-blossoming jacaranda trees, and there is the wooded Mount Urpino Park, which also makes for wonderful romantic walking. The park overlooks the city and harbour, and is also great for wildlife spotting.

There is also a 5 mile long beach, the Poetto, meaning anyone wanting to sunbathe, stroll, or play volleyball has room and privacy. This area is also a popular nightlife spot, and Cagliari's best clubs, such as Il Lido, Plan B, and Frontemare are on this stretch of the beach. The other beach, which is more a secret among locals, is the Calamosca. Nestled among the cliffs of the southern tip of headland, you would not believe you are just a few hundred yards from one of the largest cities in Italy – the only clue is the passing ships, which cruise past the beach on their way to the port and marina.

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