Holidays in Sardinia


Southwest Sardinia is a perfect place to have a honeymoon.

With its unspoiled landscapes, quiet, unhurried lifestyle, and romantic sunsets, you will be sure to have a memorable and happy beginning to your married life. At NxtStop Sardinia, we have cultivated relationships with some of the best hotels in the region, so any couples looking for honeymoons in Sardinia can have their first holiday personalised to their own preferences.

Sardinia has so much to offer, with the warm Mediterranean Sea, a sunny climate, and beautiful rugged landscapes and coastlines. From the sublime blue sea, to the rocky hills and forests overlooking the landscape, and the cosy, unspoiled towns and villages nestled into the coastline, this is the perfect place for couples old and young.

You can also enjoy some of the best gastronomic experiences in Europe right here in south west Sardinia:

  • For fine dining, the Fradis Minoris in Pula, is a Michelin Star restaurant, which sources all its ingredients from nearby, with an emphasis on sustainability and authentic Sardinian cuisine.
  • Another Michelin Star restaurant in the area if Dal Corsaro in Cagliari, which showcases a range of traditional Sardinian meat and fish dishes.
  • The Sa Cardiga e Su Schironi is one of the finest seafood restaurants in the area, with fresh fish caught and bought from the harbour just a stone's throw away.
  • In Sant'Antioco, the Da Achille offers superb local Sardinian dining, and a wine list featuring the vest best the local region has to offer!
  • Terradome Agriturismo is a must-visit hotel and restaurant in Uta, just outside of Cagliari. The hospitality is legendary, and the resort itself is a great place for both honeymoons and weddings.

As well as fine dining, Sardinia has many romantic and beautiful spots on its coastline:

  • Capo Spartivento is a promontory located right on the southern tip of Sardinia. Here is a lighthouse, still active, that dominates the entire panorama, a breathtaking 360° view overlooking the turquoise sea, ideal for a romantic stroll. Near Capo Spartivento there is an unspoiled, quiet beach, looking out onto the Isola Su Giudeu, and bridging a turquoise lagoon. It is a wonderful place to watch the sunrise, and for romantic walks along the beach!
  • For couples looking for places to honeymoon in Sardinia, the Nora archaeological site features a Roman amphitheatre, ancient columns, mosaics, villas, baths, and a temple. The site was abandoned in the 8th century, and most of the ruins are almost 2000 years old. This is a great place to explore once you have tested as much fine cuisine and beach living that you can.
  • Porto Flavia in Masua is a beautiful harbour, which used to serve the mining community in that area. Its construction and architecture are completely unique, with a loading bay carved into the cliff face. From the balcony overlooking the blue sea, you can almost touch the Pan di Zucchero (natural monument of 133 metres) offering you a great photo opportunity. It is such a fascinating place that many weddings have been celebrated here.
  • The belvedere of Nebida is the best place to watch a romantic sunset. Once there, you can take a nice walk around the small hill bordering the sea, which has a unique colour here. At sunset, the atmosphere is magical and, once the walk is over, you can have an aperitif while gazing at the beautiful view. The area has also a number of beautiful trails to explore, as well as some local restaurants where you have the opportunity to taste the local food.

You can book a honeymoon with NxtStop Sardinia today, and we shall organise every aspect of your trip for you, so you have nothing to worry about on your wedding holiday!

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