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Top 5 instagrammable places in South Sardinia that you cannot miss.

Whether you're an experienced Instagrammer or just looking to capture some great memories, South Sardinia has some stunning and Instagrammable locations. Read on to discover where ...  more  

6 of the best spring festivals in Sardinia that you should not miss.

Don't miss Sardinia's festivals if you want to experience the island's culture, discover its history and savour the delicious local cuisine.  more  

Spring in Sardinia: reasons to visit and things to do in Sardinia.

In spring there is no better place to be. Aside from the beautiful weather, Sardinia has many other perks you don't want to miss!  more  

Walking holidays in Sardinia

If you are looking to explore Sardinia on foot, why not arrange a trekking holiday with us?  more  

Honeymoons in Sardinia

South west Sardinia is a perfect place for a beautiful honeymoon, with unspoiled beaches, and an unhurried way of life.  more  

Cagliari Holidays

We can arrange a wonderful, sight-filled holiday in Cagliari for you where you can explore the city at your own pace.  more  

Sardinian Halloween, the origins of the festival of the dead in Sardinia!

Sardinia has its own way of remembering the dead.  more  

The best 5 places in Sardinia for Hiking & Trekking this Autumn

If you enjoy climbing and trekking and want to take a trip this autumn, Sardinia has fascinating trails and landscapes to explore  more  

Easter in Sardinia: History, Customs, and Traditions of the Island.

How does Sardinia Celebrate Easter? Here Are Some Sardinian Easter Traditions.   more  

Best beaches in Sardinia

The most beautiful white beaches in south-western Sardinia that must be seen  more