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Sardinia is a year-round popular holiday destination. For a truly authentic experience you should visit the South West of Sardinia. Here you can discover ancient historical sites, laze on idyllic beaches and sample renowned Mediterranean cuisine.

Here at NxtStop Sardinia we specialise in creating tailor made tours that will enable you to uncover the very best hidden spots in South West Sardinia. From history tours to beach holidays we can help you plan the perfect holiday.


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About Sardinia

Sardinia is a large island in the Mediterranean located to the west of Italy. Stunning coastlines, clear waters and a rich history make it an idyllic location, perfect for tourists and visitors. Whether you wish to relax on one of the untouched beaches, explore the hidden cave of the San Giovanni’s mine or hike one of the trail used by the mine workers you will have an amazing time. Sardinia is a hugely popular tourist destination with different attractions and activities for various traveller types because Sardinia is not only about sea and beaches.  Access to the island is very easy and takes just a few hours by plane from the United Kingdom and most European countries.

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Why Visit South West Sardinia?

Sardinia's climate and environment make it a hugely popular destination and thousands of people throng to the north of Sardinia every year. However, if you are looking for a less 'touristy' holiday, South West Sardinia is where you should visit. 

The South West of Sardinia remains relatively untouched with fewer tourists there. If you wish to experience a more authentic Sardinia you will be able to do so in Cagliari and surrounding areas. The slower pace of life, the locals and the culture will all ensure you have a unique and special holiday.

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 We offer a range of tours at NxtStop Sardinia to suit every traveller. From visiting the prehistoric tombs of the Necropoli Montessu to relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Costa Verde there is something for everyone. We have created a list of tours suitable for the year round, which you can browse here. You can book our tours or customise them browsing our Holiday Ideas. Here you will be able to learn about the various attractions in South West Sardinia. We can help you create a bespoke itinerary, to suit your tastes and preferences.



About NxtStop Sardinia

Here at NxtStop Sardinia, we are from Sardinia ourselves, so we know how popular holidays in North Sardinia are. However the South West remains relatively untouched despite how much it has to offer. The history, culture and lack of tourist crowds make it a great spot for travellers and we want to help you experience the best of Sardinia. Whether you wish to relax, sightsee, immerse yourself in nature or learn about traditions, we are here to help you have a truly memorable visit.

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