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Active Holiday Ideas in Sardinia


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San Pietro Island by Boat

This boat tour will bring you on a day tour visiting all the little bays, beaches and caves of San Pietro Island.  more  

Boat Tour in the Golfo del Leone

This boat tour which is inspired by the route created by the miners who worked in the local mines will take you by sea to a number of interesting places like the Pan di Zucchero se...  more  

Hiking Monteponi Mine

The Monteponi mine is one of the most fascinating places in Sardinia's mining history.   more  

Hiking along the Masua coast

The hike along the Masua coastline is one of the most beautiful excursions in southwestern Sardinia for its breathtaking views and mining history.  more  

Sant’Antioco Bike tour

This bike tour of the island of Sant'Antioco passes through the most beautiful beaches and landscapes of the area.  more  

Mines in the blue loop hike

This is the most beautiful and suggestive excursion of this coast. Holiday in Sardinia  more  

The Medaus cycle path and Serbariu Mine

The Medaus cycle path and Serbariu Mine Holiday in Sardinia  more  

Guided kayak tour to the coast of Sant'Antioco

Guided kayak tour along the coast of the island of Sant'Antioco amidst a multitude of shades of blue.  more  

E-Bike Tour to the Sant'Antioco salt flat at sunset

Discover the salt flats of Sant'Antioco at sunset in a mix of colours and emotions on a comfortable E-Bike.  more  

Wing Surfing & Wing Foiling

Wing Surfing or Wing Foiling is a water sport that is quickly gaining popularity due to the powerful sense of freedom that comes from practising it  more