Hiking Monteponi Mine


The Monteponi mine is one of the most fascinating places in Sardinia's mining history. Over the centuries, it became one of Italy's main mining sites, with modern buildings and advanced facilities (for the times), until it fell into an irreversible crisis and was closed down.

The hike allows you to get to know the history of the Monteponi Mine, by following a ring route, which is easy to follow and suitable for both children and untrained people. Starting from the Villamarina Tunnel (you can visit the tunnel as well, check the dedicated page) you will climb the hill, passing through old buildings and construction sites, to reach the top with a view of the great Cungiaus excavation. You will then descend to the forecourt by an easy unpaved road, with panoramic views of the Gonnesa coast, the San Giovanni mine, and the Monteponi railway station.


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