Bike Tour in Sant'Antioco


This bike tour of the island of Sant'Antioco passes through the most beautiful beaches and landscapes of the area allowing you to visit the archaeological area at Grutt' Acquas, with its perennial pond and its characteristic green colour, the Tomb of the Giants (a type of Sardinian megalithic gallery grave built during the Bronze Age) and the remains of a nuraghe.

The tour continues towards Capo Sperone with a possible visit to the Ex Semaforo (old naval traffic light) placed on top of the hill called Su Monti de Su Samafuru (the traffic light mountain).

On the way back you will pass by the beach of Turri, with the beautiful Spanish tower, the beach of Coe Guaddus and Maladroxia, through the beautiful path of the Cats.

This tour has a fair degree of difficulty and follows unpaved roads and paths,

 Tomba dei Giganti holidays in Sardinia

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