Hiking along the Masua coast


The hike starts in the mining village of Nebida and leads along hiking trails and mule tracks to the Porto Flavia mining site (see Holiday ideas). Walking along the beautiful coast characterised by the presence of 5 limestone stacks, you can admire the marvelous stack called Pan Di Zucchero (Sugar Loaf). The first stop of the hike is the majestic structure of the Laveria Lamarmora, built in 1897 for the enrichment of the minerals extracted from the nearby mine. Leaving the Laveria, after passing the coves of Portu Banda, Portu Ferru and Porto Corallo, you arrive at the beach of Masua. 

Technical information

Duration: 4 hours circa

Length: 10 km circa

Difficulty: Hiking (E)

What to bring: hiking shoes, sunglasses, appropriate clothing, a backpack with 2 litres of water, and a snack.

Suitable for: people in good physical condition.


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