Hike 'Mines in the blue' 


This hike is called 'Mines in the Blue' because it follows the paths marked by the miners who worked in the mines in the area.

This is the most beautiful and suggestive excursion of this coast, it offers a breathtaking view of the sea stacks called Pan di Zucchero and the geological site of Canal Grande, a site characterized by the oldest limestone in Italy (500 million years old). The Mines in the Blue route is about 10 km long and is suitable for people with a certain level of training who can walk for several hours continuously. The ring includes a challenging climb but the descent towards Masua is reasonably easy. Before departure, it will be possible to visit the site of Porto Flavia.

Technical information

Length: 10km

Style: loop

Duration: 7 hours with breaks

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

What to bring: Windproof jersey and jacket, Comfortable long trousers (to protect against insects and low branches), Hiking shoes with non-slip soles, Hat and sun cream


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