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Types of Holiday activites in Sardinia

Types of Holiday activites in Sardinia


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Walking Tour of Cagliari

Walking Tour of Cagliari Holiday in Sardinia  more  

Alghero: Historic Center Walking Tour

Alghero is a fascinating coastal city in north-western Sardinia that offers a unique mix of history, culture and natural beauty. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the ci...  more  

Nuraghe of Barumini

'Su Nuraxi' can be visited by walking through the remains of the thousand-year-old village, with the unique opportunity to discover the customs and traditions of its ancient and my...  more  

Nora Archaeological site

Nora is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and its famous archaeological site housing the ruins of one of the most influential cities of ancient Sardinia. See the only visita...  more  

Porto Flavia Masua

Porto Flavia Holiday in Sardinia  more  

Visit Bosa

Bosa is a must-visit destination for those who love picturesque towns and beautiful beaches. The town is known for its cobbled streets, colourful houses, historical architecture, ...  more  

Tempio di Antas

The archaeological area consists of a Roman temple, beneath whose steps are the remains of a Carthaginian temple, which was dedicated to the god Sid Addir, a later incarnation of ...  more  

Necropoli Montessu

The archaeological site of Montessu-Villaperuccio is considered the most important in the entire Mediterranean. It is a necropolis located in a splendid natural amphitheatre in whi...  more  

Walking Tour of Iglesias

Walking Tour of Iglesias Visit Iglesias Holiday in Sardinia  more  

Visit Galleria Villamarina

A visit to the Villamarina Gallery located in the Monteponi mine in Iglesias is a fascinating journey into the underground world of the mine.  more