Visit Bosa


Bosa is located on the west coast of Sardinia. This delightful burgh is rich in history and culture. The historical centre, also known as Sa Costa, is worth seeing for its cobbled streets, colourful houses, historical architecture, and the beautiful views of the river Temo. Don't miss Bosa Castle (or Castello di Serravalle) on a hill overlooking the town. Built by the Malaspina family in the 12th century, this magnificent medieval fortress is a true architectural masterpiece. Other places of interest in Bosa include the beautiful Church of Santa Maria del Mare, the ancient Church of San Pietro Extramuros and the fascinating Museo delle Conce. Bosa has a long history of leather-working and the museum exhibits show the tools and techniques of this ancient craft. In conclusion, Bosa is a town that really has it all: history, culture, and natural beauty, just waiting to be discovered.


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