Walking Tour of Iglesias


During the tour, the guide will take you back in time while telling you the story of this historic city.

Iglesias is located about 60 km from Cagliari in the Southwest part of Sardinia. The city was conquered by the Aragonese on February 7, 1324, in fact, the name (Iglesias) means 'churches' in Spanish. Under Spanish control, the city became one of the most important cities in Sardinia.

After about four centuries as a Spanish Colony; in 1720, Sardinia and Iglesias were handed over to the Savoy family.

Since the middle of the XX century and for more than a century the mines have been the wealth of the area (called Iglesiente) and Iglesias was the centre of the mining district from which lead, zinc, and silver were extracted and sulfuric acid was distilled.

Its historic centre is characterised by narrow streets, little squares and churches. Here you can feel the Spanish influence. The town's cathedral was built in 1288, and the Franciscan Church of San Francesco, built in the 15th century, is a notable example of Franciscan architecture. Iglesias is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese.


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