Nora Archaeological site

Nora, located south-west of the Gulf of Cagliari near Pula, is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and its famous archaeological site housing the ruins of one of the most influential cities of ancient Sardinia. Visiting this site will take you back in time. Nora was the first Phoenician city in Sardinia (8th century B.C.) and then passed into the hands of the Carthaginians and was, for years, an administrative, religious, and commercial centre. Ultimately, it became an important Roman centre in the 3rd century A.D. and became the seat of the governor and was given the title of municipium (city officially linked to Rome) and caput vie, meaning that all roads on the island led from the city. The town was abandoned due to frequent raids by pirates and barbarians.

During the guided tour you will walk through its ruins, see the only visitable Roman theatre on the island, the remains of three thermal buildings and have the chance to admire some mosaics still in their original state.


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