Holidays in Sardinia

Why visit Sardinia in September and October? Here 5 reasons

The autumn months are great for individuals who enjoy relaxing on the beach but dislike the heat, as well as those who enjoy nature-related activities and history enthusiasts.

Here are 5 reasons why you'd love to visit Sardinia in autumn.

Curiosity: Atòngiu is the Sardinian (Campidanese) word for autumn.


Sardinia weather

Sardinia weather Holidays in Sardinia


The temperatures are mild (around 20° to 25/27° during the day and in the evening around 16°) so it is still warm enough to sunbathe without the risk of sunburn and take a relaxing swim in one of the many fabulous beaches. Remember that Sardinia is an island, therefore, the sunny weather is not guaranteed but do not worry, there are plenty of other things to do.



Even though the sun is not very hot, don't forget the sunscreen and bring a windproof jacket with you for the evenings, Sardinia is a windy island, the wind that cools you down during the summer months can be a bit chilly in autumn.

It will get darker around 7.30 pm, therefore, your days will be shorter, plan to wake up early to have more time to explore and enjoy the warm hours of the day.

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Cheaper holidays

travelling to Sardinia


 Visit Sardinia during the off-season to enjoy the island at a lower cost. 

Prices for accommodation, flightscar rental, ferries, and several services are much more economical than in the high season plus you can book a last-minute holiday or short break as flight availability is not an issue in autumn.




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Traditional Festivals & Events

If you want to learn about the history and culture of this Italian island, you must attend Sardinian festivals. Here are some of the most famous Sardinian events in Autumn:

Autunno in Barbagia (Cortes Apertas festival) where many towns and villages, in the mountainous region of Sardinia called Barbagia, celebrate food, handicrafts and Sardinian traditions. There are unique exhibitions, traditional food tastings, and music performances. Autunno in Barbagia lasts 2 months.

Sant Miquel in Alghero commemorates the end of summer and the start of fall (Saint Michael is celebrated on 29th September). It is Alghero's patron saint's festival, and it is celebrated in great manner with events including concerts, theatre and dance performances, traditional food and wine tastings, and a religious procession at sea.

                                                      The Corsa degli Scalzi takes place in the Sinis area on the first weekend of September;                                                        it is a very traditional event that takes place every year and lasts two days, during which men of all ages dressed in white and running barefoot run 7 kilometre in honor of Saint Salvatore. They are known as the "Army of Saint Salvatore" because the run recalls the custom of the residents of Saint Salvatore's town to convey his simulacrum to Cabras during the Saracen attacks.


To know more about Sardinian events, check this website


Excursions (hiking, horse riding, canyoning, climbing)



During the summer months due to the intense heat that can be experienced during the day, most activities such as hiking, horse riding, and bicycling take place in the evenings, and while you can experience the incredible Sardinian sunsets, activity timings are limited to a few hours, while in autumn you have plenty of time to enjoy the nature and the landscapes.





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Must visit historical sites


Sardinia can be considered as a huge open-air museum with 7000 Nuraghi (tower-like constructions dating back to the Bronze Age), numerous Giant's tombs, Domus de Janas (fairy houses), Menhirs and Secret Wells. Also, in the island, it is possible to find evidence left by Phoenicians, Punics, Carthaginians, Romans, Pisans, Iberians and of the most recent industrial archaeology.



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