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 Day 1 
Travel to Sardinia – Arrive in Cagliari

  • Upon arrival at Cagliari airport (after collecting a rental car) drive to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia where you will spend the first day of the tour.  Read More 
Depending on the arrival time you can enjoy a tour of Cagliari before relaxing at the beach. If you arrive in the evening, you can dine in one of the restaurants near the hotel,  then stroll along Via Roma, one of the main streets of Cagliari overlooking the port. You will find architecturally interesting buildings, cool cafes and shops and can enjoy a drink from the Bastione of Saint Rémy.



 Day 2 
Cagliari – Castello Acqua Fredda – S'Ortu Mannu – Iglesias

  • Enjoy breakfast and then check out. You will then travel to the historic city of Iglesias, in the South-Western corner of Sardinia. Before arriving at Iglesias you will visit the castle of Acquafredda. Read More  

During this tour, your guide will take you on a journey through Sardinia's Middle Ages.

The castle is located in Siliqua on a hill of volcanic origin. The construction is due to the famous Pisan nobleman Ugolino Della Gherardesca a controversial medieval political figure quoted by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy. Just the central keep and a few parts of the wall remain however, the view is spectacular after a slightly steep climb, as the castle still rises to a height of 256 metres.

  • After visiting the Castle, and if you are curious, you can visit S' Ortu mannu in Villamassargia. This is a natural oasis museum of 700 centuries-old olive trees, including Sa Reina (the Queen), a natural monument of some 900 years old. It is of extremely impressive size (with a trunk with a circumference of 16 metres) and maybe one of the largest olive trees in the Mediterranean.
  • Arrival and check-in at Iglesias. Your afternoon will be free.
  • Suggested: Beach time and relax at Punta S'arena, Gonnesa.



 Day 3 
Iglesias – Portoscuso Touristic Harbour – San Pietro Island

  • After breakfast on the third day, you will head to Portoscuso. Here you will board the boat that will bring you on a day tour visiting all the little bays, beaches and caves of San Pietro Island. The Island is named after St Peter who, legend says was marooned here during a storm on the way to Karalis (now Cagliari). Read More  

During the tour, there will be an aperi-lunch or aperi-dinner with typical local products (depending on the departure time).

Highlights of the Tour

  • The little harbour of Carloforte: This is approximately 7 kilometres (4 miles) from the mainland.
  • Ancient tonnara (tuna fishery): The island has an ancient tradition of tuna fishing and tuna processing. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, reaching the present day, for one of the most important and prestigious products of the Mediterranean.
  • Island of Calavinagra: Calavinagra is a deep bay that enters the wildest part of San Pietro Island, the one that is not easily accessible from land. The islet of Calavinagra protects the entrance to this cove, making its waters protected from the strong Mistral wind.
  • Beach of Calafico: The limestone cliffs submerge into the turquoise sea in this beautiful bay to the north of Capo Sandalo. The small gulf ends in a pretty, virgin pebble beach. A boat is definitely the best way to access this pearl of the island.
  • Caletta beach: One of the most popular beaches on the island. From the boat, you can really appreciate its beauty and crystal clear waters that are the envy of the beaches in the Maldives.
  • Le Colonne (sea stacks): The natural monument of Isola Di San Pietro, it is a symbol of the locality, surrounded by an intense blue sea and the beach of the homonymous name. 
  • Spiaggia del Giunco: This uncontaminated beach is located in the Saline area. Its shallow, turquoise waters are bordered by rocks smoothed by the sea and the wind. Sightings of flamingos are frequent here.
  • Accommodation in Iglesias




 Day 4 
Iglesias – Vineyard Aru – Porto Paglia beach – Nuraghe Seruci – Iglesias

  • After breakfast, you will be able to visit the Vineyard Aru where the owner will tell you the story of his ancestors and how the winery developed. After the tour of the vineyards, you will taste the wine in the production process and some typical local food products.
  • After the visit, you can spend time in Porto Paglia beach. Here you can find a refreshment point directly on the beach which also offers the possibility of renting parasols and sunbeds. Read More   

A Bit of History

Porto Paglia takes its name from the ancient tonnara (tuna fishery), dating back to the 18th century which for two centuries was one of the most productive in the Mediterranean. The tuna fishermen's houses and the fishing dock have been renovated and converted into residence and holiday homes.

Not far from the tonnara (tuna fishery), you can see a small fisherman house, built among the rocks and accessible at low tide. It is very attractive and the only one in Sardinia accessible from the sea. Along the path, not far away, you can also reach the remains of a Spanish tower (shoes are needed for walking on the rocks).

  • After relaxing in Porto Paglia and not far from the beach, you will visit the Nuraghe Seruci, one of the largest and most particular Nuragic complexes in Sardinia. Read More  

A Bit of History

The Nuragic village of Seruci was discovered in 1897. The village consists of over one hundred huts around a monumental Nuragic palace, and two tombs of giants (funerary monuments present in Europe, only in Sardinia).

Nuraghe is the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 730 BCE. Today it has come to be the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization.






 Day 5 
Iglesias – Plage Mesu – Porto Flavia – Hiking 5 Faraglioni – Iglesias

  • After breakfast you will have some free time that you can spend at the beach of Plage Mesu or Punta S'arena.
  • In the afternoon you can visit the Porto Flavia mine in Masua. Read More  

A Bit of History

This is a sea harbour located near Nebida and opened in 1924. At that time it was a true revolution: a modern tunnel system for transporting minerals from Masua and nearby mines directly into the ships moored under the cliff, thereby reducing time and cost of transportation. It is named after Flavia Vecelli, the daughter of Cesare Vecelli, who engineered and designed the harbour.

  • After the visit, you will enjoy a breathtaking sunset during the guided Hike of 5 Faraglioni (sea stacks). Read More  

The hike starts at 5.30 pm in the mining village of Nebida and leads along hiking trails and mule tracks to the Porto Flavia mining site. Walking along the beautiful coast characterised by the presence of 5 limestone stacks, you can admire the marvellous stack called Pan Di Zucchero (Sugar Loaf).

The first stop of the hike is the majestic structure of the Laveria Lamarmora, built in 1897 for the enrichment of the minerals extracted from the nearby mine. Leaving the Laveria, after passing the coves of Portu Banda, Portu Ferru and Porto Corallo, you arrive at the beach of Masua. The hike ends at the Porto Flavia mining site.

Duration: 5 hours in total (including a one hour visit to the mine of Porto Flavia)

Length: 8 km

Difficulty: Easy

What to bring: Hiking shoes, backpack with 2 litres of water and a snack.

Suitable For: People in good physical condition and children.

  • Accommodation in Iglesias.




 Day 6 
Iglesias – Santa Barbara cave – Cala Domestica beach - Iglesias

  • Today, after breakfast, you will discover the hidden cave named after St Barbara, the patron saint of miners. The cave was discovered by chance, inside the Mine of San Giovanni, in 1952. Read More   
From the outside, the San Giovanni mine looks no different from the other mines of the area but inside it hides the  Santa Barbara cave. In this cave, there are rock formations dating back 500 million years. This fascinating site can be reached through an intricate system of underground tunnels made accessible by a small train which, after crossing the tunnel leads to a lift that ascends along a shaft. From here, to reach the cave, all you have to do is to climb a spiral staircase to find yourself in an enchanted world created by water over millions of years.
  • After the tour, you can relax at Cala Domestica beach where you can sunbed, dive into the crystal clear water or climb the promontory to get stunning views of the bay.  Read More  

Cala Domestica beach is a bay set between limestones cliffs covered with Mediterranean scrub and characterised by fine sand mixed with gravel and scattered rocks. Behind the beach, there are sand dunes and the ruins of warehouses belonging to nearby mines. The sea has a shallow depth and a beautiful blue colour that can be appreciated especially on calm days.

In the same bay, there is another little gem: La Caletta, which can be reached through a tunnel that was dug into the rock by miners (shoes, not flip flops are recommended ). On the top of the promontory, there is an 18th-century Savoy tower that was built as a watchtower for pirates and also used during World War II. You can reach it with a hike of about 15 minutes to enjoy a breathtaking sunset (again shoes, not flip flops are recommended).

  • Accommodation in Iglesias.






 Day 7 
Check Out and Departure

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For further information about booking a bespoke tour holiday in Sardinia, please get in touch with us at NxtStop Sardinia 

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Holiday Summary  

Self-drive Summer tour

Please read carefully the full terms and conditions of this website

Price (prices can be customised according to budget, number of days and experiences agreed at the time of booking):

Starting from: £770 per person / €850 per person Individual participation fee in double room (minimum 2 pax).


1st Day Arrival day – Cagliari airport to Cagliari city (by car: a total of 8.2km – 15 min. without traffic – via E25)

Please note: It is best to hire a car before arriving in Cagliari, especially in the summer months. NxtStop Sardinia can help you renting a car contact us.

2nd Day Cagliari - Castello Acquafredda - S'Ortu Mannu – Iglesias (by car: a total of 63.4 km - 1hr 3min without traffic – via SP2)

3rd Day Iglesias – Portoscuso Touristic Harbour – San Pietro Island tour – Iglesias (by car total of 50 km – 55 min. without traffic – via SS126 and SP108)

4th Day Iglesias – Vineyard Aru – Porto Paglia beach – Nuraghe Seruci – Iglesias (by car total of 54.6 km – 1hr 5min without traffic – via SS130 and SS126)

5th Day Iglesias – Plage Mesu – Porto Flavia – Hiking 5 Faraglioni – Iglesias (by car total of 55.2 km – 1hr 20min without traffic – via SS126 and SP83)

6th Day Iglesias – Mine site of San Giovanni and Santa Barbara cave – Cala Domestica beach – Iglesias (by car total of 63 km – 1hr 29min without traffic – via SS126 and SP83)

7th Day Departure day – Iglesias to Cagliari airport (by car total of 51 km – 40 min without traffic – via SS130)

The price includes:

1 night accommodation in Cagliari in a 3* Hotel

5 nights accommodation in B&B in Iglesias or Gonnesa

Board Basis: Bed & breakfast

itineraries and route notes

Telephone assistance

Guide for scheduled excursions (non-exclusive excursions):

Walking tour of Cagliari

AcquaFredda castle tour

Boat tour of San Pietro Island (large dinghy boat size 8mt)

Hiking 5 Faraglioni

Entrance fees:

Castle of Acquafredda

Vineyard Aru

Nuraghe Seruci

Porto Flavia

Santa Barbara cave

Not Included in the price:

Flight ticket

Car rental Contact NxtStop Sardinia for cheaper car rental

Meals not stated in the itinerary

Travel insurance

Entrance fees to museums and other attractions not stated in the itinerary

Personal expenses (tips, souvenirs, restaurants/bar bills, etc...)

Parking fees

Tourist taxes, where applicable, are to be settled directly on-site upon arrival at the hotel


Deposit on confirmation: 30% of the total cost

Balance: within 30 days of departure day

Method of payment: Bank transfer


For cancellation from 28 to 21 days before the departure date, you will lose your deposit.

For cancellations from 20 to 15 days before the departure date, the penalty is 70% of the total price.

For cancellations from 14 to 10 days before the departure date, the penalty is 80% of the total price.

For cancellations from 9 days before the departure date or made on the same day as the departure date or in case of a no-show, the penalty is 100% of the total price.

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Special requests should be made in writing at the time of booking. Your request will be forwarded to the suppliers however we cannot promise that it will be fulfilled.

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