Pinuccio Sciola Museum: Giardino Sonoro Guided Tour

Sculptor Pinuccio Sciola's Sound Garden is a true open-air museum and is located in San Sperate, the sculptor's home town. In this garden you can see and hear something unique: the Pietre Sonore. Maestro Sciola was able to work the stones to the point of making them sound simply by stroking them with other stones or with his hands. The guided tour of the garden ends with a first-hand experience; it is possible to caress the sound stones and thus feel their vibrations, sounds and harmonies.

In addition to the Sound Garden, the town of San Sperate with its colourful murals is also worth a visit. In fact, Pinuccio Sciola, a very versatile artist, also introduced the tradition of muralism and for this reason, San Sperate is known as the 'museum town'.  The museum town of San Sperate is only a 20-minute drive from Cagliari and is also easily accessible by public transport.



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