The archaeological area of Monte Sirai 


The archaeological site of Monte Sirai is a Phoenician and Punic settlement. It includes three large sections: the village, the necropolis and the tophet. The area was already inhabited by Sardinian Nuragics when the Phoenicians of Sulci (now Sant'Antioco) made it an important urban centre around 730 BC. It was then occupied by the Punics around 550 B.C. before being conquered by the Romans in 238 B.C. The remains suggest a city of considerable size. Raised floors, plastered walls, and canals allow us to appreciate this civilization's technological advances. Aside from the village, the funerary areas are also worth seeing, particularly the underground necropolis, which contains 13 family tombs with sarcophagi, pillars, and niches for funeral goods. The view from Monte Sirai's plateau offers a spectacular panorama dominated by the islands of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro, surrounded by smaller islands and the Porto Pino dunes.


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