Monte d'Accoddi & Su Crucifissu Mannu



In the north-west of Sardinia, between Sassari and Porto Torres, there are two extremely important and beautiful archaeological sites dating back to the Neolithic period: Monte d'Accoddi and Su Crucifissu Mannu. Monte d'Accoddi is a unique Neolithic temple (the closest comparable structures to this temple are the Mesopotamian ziggurats) and originally dates to the 4th millennium BC. The necropolis of su Crucifissu Mannu is a complex of 22 domus de Janas (tombs of ancient Sardinia) excavated in a limestone bank. Their construction began in the late Neolithic (3200-2800 BC) and they were used continuously until the Early Bronze Age, around the 16th century BC. Visiting these sites will take you on a journey through time to discover the unique Sardinian ziqqurat and the fascinating thousand-year history of these sites.


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