Guided visit to the island of Sant'Antioco


The name of the island and the town derives from the patron saint of Sardinia, an African martyr exiled to the island. Sant'Antioco is connected to the mainland by an isthmus and surrounded by crystal-clear water. The island hosted the settlement of one of the most important Phoenician cities on the island, and it's, for this reason, an extremely important place from the archaeological point of view.

The visit to the island starts at the fascinating Museum of Byssus (a silk fibre that comes from the sea), where the “master of ancient weaving”, Chiara Vigo, will guide you through the magic of this ancient process.

After that, we visit the island's only catacombs, located underneath the Cathedral dedicated to Sant'Antioco, Sardinia's patron saint, and the "Hypogean settlement," a section of the Punic necropolis that has been used as housing by the people of Sant'Antioco.


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