Archaeological tour in Borore


Borore is a town in the province of Nuoro located at an altitude of about 400 metres. It is known as the village of the tombs of the giants (its territory hosts eight of them), or also as the 'country of the oldest wine in the western Mediterranean' (following the discovery of numerous grape seeds dating back to 1200 BC). Rising in an area that has been inhabited since ancient times, the territory of Borore is home to some of the most important and well-known archaeological sites in Sardinia (nuraghi, tombs of the giants, domus de janas, dolmens and menhirs) which contribute to making a visit to Borore a tourist attraction. Borore is also famous for its museum dedicated to the traditions of Sardinian bread; in fact, the museum contains both the tools that have always been used in the cultivation and processing of wheat and more than 300 specimens of bread: from those consumed daily to those typical of festivals and ceremonies.


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