Quad experience on the San Giovanni Mountain


The 2 hrs experience begins in Iglesias with a briefing on the use of the quad and a description of the route.

After a short stretch of asphalt to reach the outskirts of Iglesias we proceed on an unpaved road to the mining area between Iglesias and Gonnesa, where the remains of mining activity will be hidden in the vegetation. During the quad excursion, we will be surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and the aromas of myrtle, strawberry tree, and mastic tree.

First stop at the Santa Barbara well, a brief description of the site, a few photos and then we set off again for Monte San Giovanni. Once in Monte San Giovanni, we enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Lion. After a stop for photos, we resume our journey, returning to the town of Iglesias along mountain paths. Upon arrival in Iglesias, we will cross the old part of the city, protected by the ancient Pisan walls, pass through the square 'Piazza Quintino Sella' and then continue to our starting point where we will end the adventure.


 Quad experience in Sardinia




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