Kitesurfing experience in Punta Trettu or Cagliari


With this mini Kite Course, you can experience the thrills of one of today's coolest sports. The experience consists of a 2-hours mini kite course in which you will learn to control the kite.

An instructor will follow you step by step in order to ensure the maximum safety and that you will learn in a fast way. The kitesurfing experience, is available in Cagliari or in Punta Trettu based on availability and wind conditions.

Technical information

You will learn: The Kite theory; The kite taking off (or launching) and the kite landing; How to pilot the kite.

Tour Type: Sport

Activity Level: Easy

Location: Cagliari or Punta Trettu (depending on the weather)

Duration: 2 hours.

Start time: based on wind conditions, to be agreed with the instructor.

What is included: Kitesurfing experience, equipment, fun!






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