Porto Pino (Dune Is Arenas Biancas Beach)


This beautiful beach is famous for its sand dunes that reach up to 30 metres in height. This beach is divided into two; the first part is named after the small seaside town of Porto Pino and is characterised by white and grey sand.

The second has much whiter and softer sand that ends with the dunes is called Is Arenas Biancas, in the territory of Teulada. The sea is very clear, turquoise blue in colour and has a shallow sandy seabed. The beach is surrounded by Mediterranean maquis, including oaks, centuries-old junipers and the rare Aleppo pine, precious for its resistant wood which was used by the Phoenicians for their solid boats.

How to Reach the Beach and the Dunes

Just before reaching the locality of Porto Pino, follow the sign for the unpaved road on the left. This, passing through the pond of Is Brebeis, leads to the large car park. From here, after crossing a small canal on a footbridge, you will reach the beach in a distance of about 300 metres.

Useful Information and Services

The car park is subject to a parking fee. There are several refreshment points on the beach where you can also rent sun umbrellas, deckchairs and sunbeds.

The unpaved road is only accessible during the summer. During the rest of the time (autumn, spring and winter) it is advisable to walk the whole beach from Porto Pino as the unpaved road may be interrupted.

For your info: Le Dune beach is located within the military zone and it is accessible under the concession of the Ministry of Defence.





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