Gulf of Orosei boat tour

A boat trip to discover the most beautiful bays on the east coast.

The Gulf of Orosei is a coastal stretch along the central eastern coast of Sardinia famous for its 40 km of wild coastline, which has remained unspoilt precisely because it is difficult to access. In fact, to preserve this area that has remained unspoilt for a long time and is rich in animal and plant species of considerable interest, the national park of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu was established in 1998.

The coastline is composed of renowned natural gems such as Cala Goloritzè (a cove hidden in the mountains, world-famous for its arch of rock rising from the sea), Cala Luna (a 700-metre-long tongue of white sand with six incredible caves that frame it), Cala Sisine (a beach composed of small pebbles smoothed over the millennia by the action of the sea) and Cala Mariolu (a marvellous small beach composed of sand mixed with white and pink pebbles that owes its name to the monk seal (now disappeared), called Mariolu (thief in Italian) by the fishermen because it stole fish from the nets). Among these natural wonders, it is also important to mention the Grotte del Fico and the Grotte del Bue Marino, where monk seals used to take refuge. These places are only accessible by sea or by medium-level trekking through the Mediterranean maquis.


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