The archaeological area of Monte Sirai - The ghost village of Tratalias - Great Mine of Serbariu and coal museum.


The day begins at the archaeological site of Monte Sirai which is a Phoenician and Punic settlement that includes three large sections: the village, the necropolis and the Tophet (a sacred burial place for children).  Following our visit to Monte Sirai, we will travel to Tratalias for a tour of the ghost village and a visit to the Santa Maria di Monserrato Cathedral. The afternoon is dedicated to the Great Mine of Serbariu in Carbonia where we will visit the Coal Museum located in the 'lampisteria' (lamp room), a room where the miners prepared themselves before going underground, the hoisting room and the underground galleries where it is possible to see the excavation machines. We will be equipped with a miner's helmet and a torch; an experience not to be missed.


 Great Mine of Serbariu Holidays in Sardinia




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